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You are in control of an entire galactic civilization. Your task is to expand and grow all the while managing the most important resource: Energy.

You do this by sending Harvester ships out from your home star to collect it's energy. Stars only have so much energy so you must also expand out through the star system to get a better reach at the stars with the most energy by sending out Mother Ships. Once a Mother Ship reaches it's destination star it will deem it a "home star" and you then have another star to send ships from.

So really just harvest and expand because you're running out of power!

I have a couple of ideas that would make this a slightly better game in terms of balancing but nothing really exciting enough to implement right now. If I think of enough things I may release a patch or post-compo version. Let me know if you have any cool ideas. Again, if I have enough suggestions I may release a new version.

Install instructions

Usual unity package. I insist to at least skim over the README file as there is no in game instructions. It looks a bit more complicated than it really is though so stick with it. You may need to play a few times to get the hang of it.


Power_Insufficient_LD39.zip 14 MB

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