A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

*Must have 2 pc controllers*

Once box opens each player controls a "Hand" using left joystick. Pressing and holding A above a character will pick up the character. Release A to drop character. When all players have grabbed a character the level will switch and players are given control of the chosen characters. Tapping the A button will shoot a projectile while pressing and holding the A button will activate the characters special abilities.

The bluebirds ability is a "bomb" ability which is activated when A button is held. Moving the joystick around while the A button is held displays a "reticle" and upon releasing the A button the character will throw a bomb landing at that location. Once the bomb has landed it will explode causing all characters near to be knocked back.

The owls ability is a "dash" ability. Similar to the bluebirds ability, holding the A button displays a reticle which displays the position to dash to. Upon releasing the A button the owl "dashes" to chosen location knocking back any characters in it's way.

Projectiles also cause knock back.

The objective of the game is to knock the other player off the platform. (The platform may feel way too large though there would be 4 players and perhaps environmental hazards to fill the space eventually.

- There is no "overview" screen yet. It's a never ending battle, for you and me.
- There is no GUI. Abilities have a cool down which isn't displayed. It's about 3 seconds between each ability.
- There are probably bugs. I'm sorry, ok?

If you do decide to download and play this please send me a message with any feedback regarding the basic gameplay. Realize that it's placeholder art and all still very much a WIP. Mainly just wanting to know if it's fun, since I can't play it correctly as one person, but any feedback is welcome!

Install instructions

Unity game, just run the exe and you should be g2g. Please play in windowed mode...


Owlbeak_win_v0.1.zip 13 MB
Owlbeak_linux_v0.1.zip 21 MB

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