A downloadable game for Windows

Basically you control a "Hand" and move around Grabbing and Dropping items.

It's pretty much a 3d inventory with simple drag, drop and stack features.
(If you think it looks ugly you should see the code. xD)

There is text in game that explains the controls and basically what to do but I will go ahead and explain a bit here. BE SURE TO CHANGE INPUT BEFORE PLAYING IF YOU ARE USING A CONTROLLER. I use a SteelSeries PC controller and it's button layout doesn't match an XBox 360 controller, for example.

Move the Hand with WASD, Arrow Keys or the Left Joystick if you have a controller.

Create a random item in the slot below the Hand by pressing H or the A button on a controller.

Destroy an item that is being grabbed by pressing J or the B button on a controller.

Grab an item below the Hand by pressing and holding Space or a button on the controller, I prefer the Left Bumper.

User Preference Questions: (Not necessarily implemented into the prototype.)
- When holding, say, 3 Blue Items and dropping them onto a slot with 3 Blue Items what should happen?
a) Dropped items should revert back to original slot.
b) Drop 2 Blue Items to fill the stack, and leave the last Blue Item in the Hand.
c) Drop 2 Blue Items to fill the stack and revert item back to original slot.

Will update this Question list as they arise.

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Published165 days ago
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Project_Trade_v0.zip (12 MB)